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 Gearing Your Fresh 70 Resto Shaman

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PostSubject: Gearing Your Fresh 70 Resto Shaman   Gearing Your Fresh 70 Resto Shaman Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2008 10:57 am

Living Dragonscale Helm (+81 Heaing, 14 Mana Per 5): Itís a craftable item made by Leatherworkers with a 365 skill which is bind on equip. Itís quite costly but youíll be using this head piece for a while. The required materials to create it are:

* 6x Heavy Knothide Leather
* 28x Nether Dragonscales
* 12x Primal Life
* 12x Primal Mana
* 1x Primal Nether

The pattern is also a random world drop.

Headdress of the Tides (73 Heaing, 9 Mana Per 5): If youíre unwilling to acquire all the materials to create the above Helm, you can try your hand at running Heroic Underbog repeatedly until you get this. Youíre looking at Ghazíran, the hydra boss in the middle so set aside a good portion of your time for it.

Neck (Recycled from Priest Page)

Necklace of Eternal Hope (+48 Healing, 8 Mana Per 5): This one will set you back about 25 heroic badges. If you donít think youíre geared properly enough for heroics yet, then try the next one which is a little longer to get.

Natashaís Guardian Cord (+55 Healing, 6 Mana Per 5): You can get this neckpiece from Bladeís Edge Mountains. Itís at the end of a ridiculously long chain quest which starts when you find a Mask on the Ground that you hear voices from. The 9th step in the quest will reward you with this decent neck.


Pauldrons of Surging Mana (No Healing, 13 Mana Per 5): Check the Auction House as you are levelling up. You might be able to snag these discount shoulders for a good price before you work your way up to something better. I picked up my Shoulders for about 17 Gold. Theyíre not very popular, so expect a slightly lower price. But that will depend on your server population.

Various PvP Shoulders: Just bite the bullet and either do some Arenaís or general BG PvP. The next decent upgrade you can acquire will be in Karazhan. Otherwise, your option isÖ

Mantle of the Sea Wolf (+51 Healing, 8 Mana Per 5): Ugh. Heroic Mana Tombs. Kill Tavarok.


White Remedy Cape (59 Healing, 7 Mana Per 5): Easiest cape you can possibly get. Itís a tailoring BoE blue. The pattern itself is a world drop. If you put a tell in trade chat, hopefully youíll be able to find someone who can create it on your server. Itís Level 69 so you can start shopping for it a little earlier. If youíre on NeríZhul, look up Mallet and I can craft it for you. Hereís the mats requirement:

* 6 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave
* 6 Primal Life


Void Slayerís Tunic (+88 Healing, 8 Mana Per 5): This one requires a group quest to complete. You need to complete a fairly long quest chain which involves killing Dimensius the All-Devouring way out in Netherstorm.

Earthpeace Breastplate (+92 Healing, 16 Mana Per 5): A slight edge in healing and twice the mana per 5 as the Void Slayerís Tunic gives the one the slight edge. Unfortunately, this chest piece has no stats on it. I highly recommend using this one in environments where you know you wonít take a lot of damage, or if you do minimal at best.


Primal Surge Bracers (+37 Healing, 6 Mana Per 5): You can get these from the last boss in Black Morass, Aeonus himself. Expect multiple runs. But it might be better offÖ

Veteran Ringmail Bracers (+42 Healing, No Mana Per 5): ÖFor you to spend a day or two grinding out Alterac Valley or some other Battleground and pick up these instead.


Fathomheart Gauntlets (+55 Healing, 7 Mana Per 5): The last boss in normal Steamvaults, Kalithresh drops these gloves. Again, these ones may take a while to pick up just because heís a pain to get to.


Stillwater Girdle (+53 Healing, 8 Mana Per 5): Ugh, Resto Shamans really donít have it easy when it comes to gear do they? This one comes from of Heroic Mana Tombs of all places. Furthermore, you have to clear all the way to the end and kill Nexus-Prince Shaffar to pick it up.


Oceansong Kilt (+84 Healing, No Mana Per 5): The Reinforced Chest you get after dropping Vazruden and Nazan will have a chance to reveal these pair of pants.


Wavefury Boots (+55 Healing, 8 Mana Per 5): The last thing you need from a heroic instance will be the easiest to get out of all the ones listed. Chances are, it will be super easy for you to find groups to go into Heroic Slave Pens and kill Rockmar.

Keeperís Ring of Piety (+42 Healing, 7 Mana Per 5): This oneís easy to get. If youíve been following your Karazhan attunements, then you will have this one by now. The Quest is given by Saíat in the Caverns of time after youíve completed Hero of the Brood.

Ring of Convalescence (+57 Heaing, 4 Mana Per 5): Requires you to be Revered with Honor Hold (Or Thrallmar). Will cut into your gold pouch with a price of about 18G. Pick it up from the Quartermaster.


Lower City Prayerbook (+70 Healing): Yeah the on use effect sucks. But just look at the passive ability! Besides, -22 mana isnít that bad. Any mana saved is mana that can be used later. Think of endurance fights. Think of how often you you will use it and think of what that mana can be used for later. Requires a Revered Reputation with Lower City (Shadow Labs loves you). Remember that this item isnít unique so you can pick up two of them.

Scarab of the Infinite Cycle (+70 Healing): Spell haste rating is cool. It makes your spells go faster. Too bad it requires running Black Morass a couple of times.

Weapons (1 Hand))

The Essence Focuser (+227 Heaing, 11 Mana Per 5): Scout your local auction house as it is a world drop. Unfortunautely, no stats.

Gavel of Pure Light (+299 Healing, 8 Mana Per 5): Do lots of Mechanar runs to increase your rep. You need Exalted to be able to buy this from the Quartermaster. This will really make your wallet hurt with a near 192G cost. If youíre lucky, you might be able to get Hammer of the Penitent to drop off of the Mechano-Lord in Mech. Either way, youíll get a good mace to use.

Shield (Off hand)

Crystal Pulse Shield (+35 Healing, 6 Mana Per 5): Check your Auction House for this other great BoE drop. Itís a great early shield and will last you before you upgrade to the one from Chess.


Totem of the Plains (+79 Healing): Note that the increase in healing is only applied when you cast Lesser Healing Wave. Once you kill Tusker and turn in the quest, it should be a no brainer to pick up this reward.

Totem of Spontaneous Regrowth (+88 Healing): The increase in healing is applied after you cast Healing Wave. To get it, youíll be wanting to visit Mennu the Betrayer in Heroic Slave Pens.

Enchants & Other Augments

Glyph of Renewal (+35 Heaing, 7 Mana Per 5): This goes on your head. Requires Honor Hold/Thrallmar repuatation of revered. Costs 100G.

Greater Inscription of Faith or Greater Inscription of the Oracle: Depends on which faction you chose (Aldor or Scryer). Aldor for the win!

Enchant Cloak - Subtlety: Wait for Patch 2.2 and Enchanters will be able to get this beauty. Itís updated for BC materials. It reduces the threat you cause by 2%. That means 2% more healing! Whee!

Enchant Chest - Restore Mana Prime (6 Mana Per 5): Easy to get. Youíll want this.

Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing (+30 Healing): Same thing. 4 Primal Lifeís and 4 Greater Planar Essences and your bracer got a whole lot better.

Enchant Gloves - Major Healing (+35 Healing): Ouch. In addition to 6 Greater Planars and 6 Primal Lifes, now you need 6 Large Prismatic Shards. Put it on the best possible gloves you have knowing that you wonít be replacing it for a while.

Enchant Weapon - Spellsurge: This unique enchant has a 3% chance on cast to restore 100 mana (not 100% mana) to all party members over 10 seconds. This is most useful in a raid environment, but there is a lot of debate between this and +81 Healing. Hopefully one of my other fellow Priest bloggers will dwelve on this topic (Ego? Kurt? Anyone? Eh, guess not. Iíll get around to it eventually).

Enchant Weapon - Major Healing (+81 Healing): Stick to this for now. Itís cheaper.

Enchant Boots - Vitality (4 Mana Per 5): Restores Health and Mana every 5 seconds. The enchant is a world drop.

Enchant Ring - Healing Power (+20 Healing): Remember when I told you to take up Tailoring and Enchanting? Hereís the other half of the reason why. Enchanters are able to enchant their own rings (Must be Soulbound).
Golden Spellthread (+66 Healing): Hereís a big hint: Put this on your Whitemend Pants. Youíll need 10 Primal Lifeís and an Aldor Exalted Tailor with a Primal Nether. If youíre on NeríZuhl as Alliance, send Mallet a tell and Iíll do it for you.


Royal Nightseye (+9 Heaing, 2 Mana Per 5): This is your best friend. Most of the time, youíll want to get a yellow gem for the socket bonus. Personally I say itís hogwash. Most of your red and blueís should be Nightseyes. Thereís not a lot of gear where the socket bonus is good enough to warrant not using a Nightseye.

Teardrop Living Ruby (+18 Healing): I donít use this at all personally. I heavily favor Mana Per 5 over miniscule amounts of +healing. Itís only 9 more than the Nightseye. I do not foresee it making a huge impact.

Luminous Noble Topaz (+9 Healing): For the rare pieces that do have a kickass bonus when you slot in a yellow gem, use one of these babies.

Conclusions and the Math

Iíve factored in my top choices in gear and included the best enchants, augments, and recommended gems. Hereís the final numbers:

Head: 116 Healing, 14 Mana Per 5 (Living Dragonscale Helm, Glyph of Renewal)

Neck: 48 Healing, 4 Mana Per 5 (Necklace of Eternal Hope)

Shoulders: 24 Healing, 19 Mana Per 5 (Pauldrons of Surging Mana, Greater Inscription of Faith)

Back: 59 Healing, 7 Mana Per 5 (White Remedy Cape)

Chest: 92 Healing, 22 Mana Per 5 (Earthpeace Breastplate, Enchant Chest - Restore Mana Prime)

Bracer: 72 Healing (Veteran Ringmail Bracers, Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing)

Gloves: 90 Healing, 7 Mana Per 5 (Fathomheart Gauntlets, Enchant Gloves - Major Healing)

Waist: 53 Healing, 8 Mana Per 5 (Stillwater Girdle)

Legs: 144 Healing, (Oceansong Kilt, Golden Spellthread)

Feet: 55 Healing, 12 Mana Per 5 (Jeweled Boots of Sanctification, Enchant Boots - Vitality)

Ring: 57 Healing, 4 Mana Per 5 (Ring of Convalescence)

Ring: 42 Healing, 7 Mana Per 5 (Keeperís Ring of Piety)

Trinket: 70 Healing (Lower City Prayberook)

Trinket: 70 Healing (Scarab of the Infinite Cycle)

Weapon 1H: 380 Healing (Gavel of Pure Light, Enchant Weapon - Major Healing)

Shield OH: 35 Healing, 6 Mana Per 5 (Crystal Pulse Shield)


1407 Healing

110 Mana Per 5

Gearing Your Fresh 70 Resto Shaman 3638695SnpbV

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seriously life..
those are too fuckin long too read lol

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yeah that too..jesus christ, want me to write a shorter/better "how to"?


Believe it or not, I know how to raid, I can lead raids, listen to me and you can succeed.
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Gearing Your Fresh 70 Resto Shaman
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