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 Gearing your freshly 70 rogue

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Gearing your freshly 70 rogue Empty
PostSubject: Gearing your freshly 70 rogue   Gearing your freshly 70 rogue Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2008 8:57 am

Following Lifestream's example, I will create a guide of sorts for gearing your freshly 70 rogue for KZ and up.

Gearing your rogue up is pretty simple. The stats you'll want to focus are Hit, AP, and Crit in that order until you hit around 300 hit, where AP and Crit take a larger step into the scene. Of course, as you progress, you will hit the hit cap while you buff your AP and Crit. Higher level gear gives adequate hit rating to cap you while you can gem with Agi to boost AP/Crit. Of course, expertise is always nice, but its just a nice little bonus when your hit is capped. The stats listed below are what you'll want to aim for to start Kara.

1200 AP
75-150 Hit Rating
20-25% Crit Percent (Crit is low in t4 PvE gear).
8000 HP

Gear suggestions by slot:

Note: Heroic Old Hillsbrad Foothills is your GOLDMINE!! DO IT ALOT!

Wastewalker Helm is nice because of the hit and the sexy socket bonus. Go with a Shifting Nightseye or the green version if you are tight on cash (it's only a blue that you'll probably replace very soon) for the blue socket and a Relentless Earthstorm Diamond for the meta. From Heroic Old Hillsbrad (Epoch Hunter) Stealther's Helmet of Second Sight is also not bad due to the relatively high amount of base AP (84) and the 13 hit. Do not follow the socket bonus, 8 AP is only worth it for 1 or 2 colored slots. Rigid Dawnstone x3. From a Shadowmoon Valley quest.

Choker of Vile Intent is a good bet since its only 5-7 heroics and 62 AP and 18 hit are pretty good on a necklace. It is better than the necklace off Attumen (stam dose'nt really matter). You can easily get the badges while doing heroics for your other gear. Badge vendor.

Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer is a very good choice for shoulders because its only from a heroic, and it is equivalent to t5. Heroic Terrace.

Wastewalker Tunic is SCANDALOUS nice because of the high AP and three yellow sockets!! Rigid Dawnstone x3 gets you +4 agility as well, and if you decided to get the recommended Wastewalker Helm you get a +35 hit rating bonus! Wowzars! Heroic Blood Furnace.

Nightfall Wristguards are nice because of the strong AP bonus and the fact that is drops out of Heroic Old Hills (where conveniently you will be looking for 3 other pieces as well.)

Master Thief's Gloves ALSO out of Heroic Old Hillsbrad, a nice piece with some decent AP and convenience because you'll be doing several Heroic Old Hillsbrads.

IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY: grab yourself a Belt of Deep Shadow. Alot of people can craft it, and theres only three or so better belts in the game (Badge, t6, and Belt of One Hundred Deaths). Unfortunately, it has shitty sockets and an even worse socket bonus, so just get the standard 8 hit. However, if you do not have the money, get Epoch's Whispering Cinch, not surprisingly from Old Hillsbrad. 20 hit is always fun.

Midnight Legguards is very well rounded. You get your hit, crit, and AP with some very good socketstuffs. Get two Glinting Noble Topaz and a Shifting Nightseye.

Fel Leather Boots have alot of everything and good sockets and bonus. Glinting Noble Topaz and Rigid Dawnstone. Only thing: you have to leatherwork. If you cant LW, get Shadowstep Striders from heroic Arc, which has some nice AP and Agi.

You're fine with whatever you got while leveling.

Abacus of Violent Odds is God and Hourglass of the Unraveler is Jesus. Both are nice easy to get (reg mech and bm) and both are so good that they compete with several t4/5 trinkets. GET EM.

Weapons are 50% of the rogue and the most important pieces of gear he can have. Get season 1 if you can, if not, your best bet will be Latro's Flurry(Latro's Dancing Blade and Latro's Shifting Sword). The 30 AP bonus is nice and the 1.40 speed of the offhand would make combat potency alot more worthwhile. You also get a good bit of AP while mixing in Expertise (similar to Hit Rating) and Armor Ignore. Very nice. The mainhand is from regular MGT, while the offhand is from regular BM.

Mongoose if you have the cash, the haste and 120 agi are basically gonna be permanently added to your base stats if you have two. However, if you are working on a low budget, get 4 weapon damage to mainhand and hopefully 15/20 agi to offhand. If you cant even afford 15/20 agi to offhand, just dont enchant at all (offhand). 4 Weapon damage to mainhand helps a bit with it's base dps (just under +2) and your Sinister Strikes will be higher. For braces and gloves, get Assault, and for legs get Cobrahide/Nethercobra. I would not worry too much about boots. Shoulders get some rendition of AP and Crit (Scryer - 20 AP 15 crit Aldor - 30 AP 10 crit). And helm would be 16 hit 34 AP.

Unless you are at 300, get 8 hit no matter most things. If the socket bonus is really good, follow the sockets if you aren't losing too much hit from it. For the meta, get 12 agi and 3% crit dmg.
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Gearing your freshly 70 rogue
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