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 Just a suggestion

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PostSubject: Just a suggestion   Just a suggestion Icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2008 11:52 pm

Hey guys,

After last nights run in Gruuls Lair I noticed a couple things. As I have pointed out before we have way TOO much downtime. Getting back in position for another go at a boss should take under 5 minutes. If you die, run back instantly, you wont miss anything. SO that way as soon as its declared safe to come back in, you're ahead of the last to die and you can start rezzing, buffing the works.

As I expected, I had to explain the fights in great detail, YES I use a "baby" strat, the reason I do this is because for about 2 months every week I was guild-less, so i pugged EVERYTHING , Kara, za, gruuls, mag, tk, ssc. During this time period I had to think over my strats I used for pugs. Because in pugs people dont generally have the coordination to get things done using complicated strats. So i "Dumb" it down a bit, to make it run a bit smoother. One of the things that helped me GREATLY when I was learning the fights as a young padawan such as you are now, was youtube...yes thats right, I said it..youtube. There are a couple guys that have a video series. Before a raid i would spend 30 minutes on youtube studying videos on boss fights so I would know what to do. They have videos up to Illidan, and probably in SUnwell now. E.G. search for "how to: Shade of Aran" these guys have educational videos on EVERY boss fight in every 10 man raid and on starting at Kara. If we dont have to spend 10 mins explaining a fight we can get going MUCH faster and get through content faster.


Believe it or not, I know how to raid, I can lead raids, listen to me and you can succeed.
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Just a suggestion
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