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 Holy Talents

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PostSubject: Holy Talents   Holy Talents Icon_minitimeTue Jun 03, 2008 11:49 am

Below each tier, I rank each talent on a 1 to 5 scale in magnitude of power, not only on it's on merits, but also compared to what you give up by taking that talent. In another location or in another tree, for example, Improved Seal of Righteousness might be a 4-star talent. These rankings are pure opinion, and yours may differ from mine. That's fine. You're wrong, but that's fine.

Tier 1
The first tier of Holy offers two stat buffs, Divine Strength and Divine Intellect, both 5 point talents that offer a 2%/point boost to Strength or Intellect.

Generally speaking, Divine Intellect is superior to Divine Strength and is used to start climbing the Holy tree in almost all builds. Divine Strength is of more use to a Retribution Paladin, but is of little use to a paladin focusing on 'yellow' damage. The 10% Intellect also synergizes nicely with the Tier 8 talent Holy Guidance, which converts a percentage of Intellect into +damage. Besides raising mana, Intellect also raises your spell critical chance, which of course meshes nicely with Illumination, a Tier 4 talent that most Holy Paladins will want in their build.

Divine Strength: **
Divine Intellect: *****

Tier 2
The second tier of Holy offers Spiritual Focus, which gives a 14%/point chance to ignore losing casting time when being damaged while casting a healing spell, and Improved Seal of Righteousness, which increases the damage of the Seal and it's Judgment by 3%/point.

Spiritual Focus is so good that it's what most other non-Holy builds dip into Holy for. A 70% chance not to lose casting time, plus Concentration Aura gaurentees no loss in casting time while channeling healing spells, which allows for a Paladin to heal himself or others while being beat on. Great for soloing, great for off-tanking, hell, great for tanking if you have the mana. Improved Seal of Righteousness is an okay talent, and I certainly don't want to steer you away from the talent if you have the points. In a spell damage heavy build, it has its uses. Again, it's more of a case where Spiritual Focus is just much, much better.

Spiritual Focus: *****
Improved Seal of Righteousness: ***

Tier 3
The third tier of Holy offers four talents, Healing Light, a three point talent that increases your healing by 4%/point, Aura Mastery, a single point ability that increases the range of your Auras by 10 yards, Improved Lay on Hands, a two point talent that reduces the cooldown of Lay on Hands by 10min/point and gives an armor bonus to the recipient of your Lay on Hands by 15%/point, and Uunyielding Faith, another two-point talent that increases your fear and disortient resistance by 5%/point.

There are some solid talents here, but forget about the 1 point Aura Mastery. I can't think of a single situation when this is needed. The extra range might help, but Aura effects are largely subtle and spending a talent point here just feels like a waste. Healing Light again is a staple talent for Holy builds, being the largest boost to your healing power with a straight up 12% boost. Most people choose between Imp. Lay on Hands and Unyielding Fath for climbing the tree. I advocate Imp Lay on Hands for PvE players and Unyielding Faith more for PvP. They're both very good talents, though, so go with what you want here. They have applications in both areas, you can't go wrong with either.

Healing Light: ****
Aura Mastery: *
Improved Lay on Hands: ***
Unyielding Faith: ***

Tier 4
Tier four in Holy has two oustanding talents, Illumination, which for five points gives a 20%/point chance to refund the base cost (this is important) of any healing spell that you cast when it criticals. Also, Improved Blessing of Wisdom, two points which increases the effect of that Blessing by 10%/point.

Get both if you can. If you can't get Improved Blessing of Wisdom, though, don't worry too much. But Illumination is by far the backbone of a Holy build, making any Holy Paladin the most mana efficient healer in the game. And it's a prerequisite for two major talents later on.

What Illumination won't do is give you mana back when Holy Shock crits on an enemy. It will refund Holy Shock's mana if you use it as a heal and get a crit with it that way, though.

Illumination: *****
Improved Blessing of Wisdom: ****

Tier 5
The fifth tier in Holy offers three talents, the two point Pure of Heart, which offers increased Curse and Disease resistance for 5%/point, the one point Divine Favor, which forces your next Holy Light, Holy Shock or Flash of Light to be a critical, and the three-point Sanctified Light, which increases the crit chance of your Holy Light spell 2%/point.

Pure of Heart is a horrible talent. 2 points makes you 10% resistant something you can cure instantly anyway, and while the Curse resistance might be nice, in PvP, the only person hitting you with Curses will be a Warlock, and in PvE, chances are, if it matters, you're going to have a mage or druid there. Sanctified Light is an oustanding talent, however, synergizing perfectly with Illuimination. Take this. Divine Favor, well, there isn't enough good things to say about it. Every two minutes, you can cast a guarenteed critical Holy Light and get your mana back for it. Utterly outstanding talent, it can also provide crit Holy Shocks if you need the extra burst (though you won't get your mana back if you use it offensively).

Pure of Heart:
Divine Favor: *****
Sanctified Light: *****

Tier 6
Tier six of Holy offers the two point Purfiying Power, a 5%/point reduction in the mana cost of Cleanse and Consecration as well as a 10%/point increased chance to critical with Exorcism and Holy Wrath. Also is the real reason you spec'ed Holy, the 5 point Holy Power which increases your Holy spells' chance to crit by 1%/point.

Yes, this means ALL holy spells. Judgments, Holy Shock, your heals, Exorcism, Holy Wrath and Hammer of Wrath. This is the reason you spec Holy (well, one of them) and it makes everything gravy. Assuming you took Sanctified Light (and you did if you're here), you now have a BASE 11% chance to crit with Holy Light. Assuming you took Illumination (again, you did if you're here), that means more than 1 out of every 10 Holy Lights is a critical and you get your mana back for it.

Purifying Power is one of those filler talents that never gets taken. The mana reduction is nice, no doubt, but there are better ways to spend your talents. However, if you're a dedicated demon hunter, the extra crit chance isn't going to hurt.

Purifying Power: *
Holy Power: *****

Tier 7
Tier seven of Holy contains Light's Grace, a 33%/point chance to reduce the casting time of your next Holy Light spell by .5 seconds after casting Holy Light, Holy Shock, an instant cast direct damage spell that can also be used an instant heal (15 sec cooldown, has higher ranks trainable), and Blessed Life, a talent that gives a 4%/7%/10% chance to take half damage anytime you take damage.

Holy Shock is another reason you go Holy, offering good burst damage with enough +damage gear and Judgment of the Crusader. The reduced cooldown makes it a viable tool for dealing damage, picking off runners, and even throwing a little boost in your healing cycle. The healing is also very nice in a pinch, although it's not effected by Blessing of Light. Still, it's the only instant heal you get, and it's the only real instant cast ranged damage you get as well. It's a good talent to get if you're going this deep in Holy, but if you have another Tier 7 talent you'd rather get, you may or not miss it.

Light's Grace or Blessed Life? This is a common question for people climbing the Holy tree, much like Imp LOH vs. Unyielding Faith. This is totally up to you. Blessed Life can be very powerful, without a doubt, but it has much chance going off on a 2000 point crit as it does a 20 damage Hamstring, making it very hard to quantify it's impact. However, I can't believe you'll not be thankful when hit with a 500 point Mortal Strike and you just laugh. Light's Grace is a solid "healadin" talent, the effects last for 15 seconds, long enough to use in any sort of instanced fight.

Light's Grace: ***
Holy Shock: ****
Blessed Life: ***

Tier 8
Tier eight offers only one talent, and this is the reason to go deep into Holy - the 5 point wonder of Holy Guidance. 7%/point of your Intellect is added to your +damage/healing and at the levels you're going to normally take this talent (late 50s and up), it's an instant +100 dam/heal right out of the box. And it's only going to get better, kemosabe. This talent truly makes the Holy Paladin, as you will be defined by stacking your damage and healing mods.

There are Holy builds that will sacrifice 2-3 points of this for possibly Reckoning or Improved Sanctity Aura. This is acceptable, as Outlands has no shortage of healing and damage plate armor.

Holy Guidance: *****

Tier 9
Again, only a single talent, and only a single talent point, the much maligned Divine Illumination, a one point talent that gives you a 15 second burst of 50% mana cost on all spells. With a three minute cooldown, the class that is already defined as being the most mana-efficient healer has hardly jumped in joy for this talent. However, the real use is in carefully going back and re-reading the description for Illumination - "refunds the base mana cost of the spell." This means with Divine Illumination fueling a heal spam, you will actually end up gaining mana on critical heals.

Without a doubt, this is a talent reserved for dedicated healers, but those that take this talent will enjoy yet another leg up on other healers as the energizer bunny.

Divine Illumination: **

Other Talents

Most people don't go too far into one tree, usually high enough to get one key ability that they want, and then branch out into the other trees. This too is true for Holy, where people may want to squeeze as much holy damage out as they can, or, to squeeze in more tankability - the two areas where Holy is perceived to be lacking. Let's review a few of the early talents in other trees and see how they synergize with the Holy specced Paladin.

Early protection offers solid defense in Redoubt and Shield Spec, and Holy paladins do have the option of using Seal of Righteousness and a fast one hander, leaving the option open for a shield. Blessing of Kings is always a happy choice for those going with Holy Guidance, as 10% more Intellect is going to give more spell damage.

Improved Righteous Fury is also a good choice, especially for the Holy Paladin that wants to be able to be a solid 5-man tank. The damage reduction is gravy, solid, chunky gravy that nobody can say no too - 6% damage reduction? Yes please! Guardian's Favor is a good support talent, and what other healer can make their teammates (or themselves?) invulnerable?

Deeper down, Reckoning looms just out of reach for the Holy Guidance specced Paladin, and it is a truly remarkable talent to have, especially with a lot of spell damage and Seal of Righteousness. I wouldn't blame someone giving up a few points of Holy Guidance for a few points of Reckoning. It's a tough call to make.

Early Retribution provides outstanding synergy with the talents Benediction and Improved Judgment. More mana efficiency is something nobody is going to say no to, and 2 seconds off of Judgment can mean a large jump in DPS for the Holy Paladin.

Deflection is a nice to have, but often Holy Paladins might not have the points to spend. However, if you're going deep for Sanctity Aura, I can't advise passing this one up. Conviction is also nice, but a Holy paladin is usually not concerned with white damage. However, you're going to melee anyway.

Seal of Command is a tempting one, but to be honest, I was underwhelmed compared to Seal of Righteousness after all my +damage. Command does not take as much damage from spell power, so you may find that your Seal and Judgment of Righteousness outperform Command.

Sanctity Aura is a great coupling for Holy, a straight up 10% boost to your primary damage type. It is a selfish aura, though, but Improved Sanctity Aura will always be helpful when group with a main tank. You'll have to give up points in Holy Guidance for it, but its a trade off you have to consider - less damage for more healing.

Holy Talents 3638695SnpbV

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Holy Talents
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